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If you've just moved to Vancouver, British Columbia and you're having trouble integrating into your new community, don't just sit around feeling sorry for yourself until your feelings build up so much that you need anger therapy. Step one of integrating yourself into the Vancouver community is to start reading the Vancouver Sun. As the primary newspaper of the Vancouver area, everything that concerns Vancouverites (including brand new ones like yourself) can be found within its pages.

The Sun is published by CanWest Global (a media consortium that owns several major Canadian newspapers and a television station) and has been in print since 1912. There are six weekly editions, Monday to Saturday, so you can have Sundays off to make your house plans or go for a jog. When the Vancouver Sun was first published it had several rivals for the readership of Vancouverites, but over the years competition has dwindled. Now the only other papers read in Vancouver are the Sun's sister paper The Province and the free papers like Metro and 24.

The Vancouver Sun is a typical broadsheet newspaper with several sections corresponding to different interest groups. There's news - local, provincial, national, and international - so you can expect coverage on everything from Democracy Now protests in the United States to the arrest of a local boy for grant theft auto. There are also business, sports, entertainment, life, health, technology and travel sections featuring interest pieces from staff reporters at the Sun and wire reporters from the Associated Press, Reuters, and the Canadian Press.

There's a certain level of interactivity that comes from reading a newspaper. You can read a paper and discuss its contents with friends, family, your dentist in Mississauga, or your co-workers at the office. It gives you something other than the weather to talk about with people you don't know very well, which is why reading the paper is a good idea for new residents. The paper also offers you a chance to be heard, whether you want to let everyone know your opinion on a contentious issue, sell something, or announce your wedding.

For those of you who are environmentally conscious and don't want to waste paper, or who just prefer to use your computer for everything, the Vancouver Sun maintains an online edition at www.vancouversun.com. Most content is available free, while some is accessible only to subscribers. By reading the online edition you can still keep abreast of what's going on even if you're several provinces away meeting with a Mississauga real estate agent. You can sign up for email alerts or the paper's RSS feed if you don't want to miss anything. Messages can be delivered right to your mobile device.

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